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Our SaaS KAIOPS (Kubernetes Artificial Intelligence Operations) platform automates tasks and leverages AI/ML to improve IT Operations by reducing costs and increasing reliability, efficiency and security.

In the fields of IT and systems management, ITOps describes the methods used to retrieve, analyze, and report data for IT operations. Modern ITOps is closely tied to container orchestration, which provides the automation of much of the operational effort required to run containerized workloads and services on a distributed network. Container orchestration and cluster management involves a wide scope of tasks, including capacity management, event monitoring, alerting, and remediation.

AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence for IT operations. With AIOps, operations teams can leverage data that would otherwise be intractable. AIOps frameworks use machine learning to optimize IT tasks over one or more objectives. These optimization objectives are expressed as metrics, and can include measures of cost, resource usage, response times. AIOps solutions have become essential in the automation of scaling and optimization of cloud infrastructures and DevOps operations management tool vendors are enhancing their product offerings with AIOps capabilities.

The Disruptive Difference

Together with the capabilities and expertise of our DevSecOps engineers, our KAIOps platform is a truly innovative approach to automating and securing any DevSecOps environment. Our AIOps capabilities, delivered through our KAIOps platform, allow DevSecOps teams to address a larger scope of operations with less resources through:

  • Optimized network efficiency, providing decreased resource costs.
  • Automated scaling, ensuring quality of service through improved network reliability.
  • Efficient load balancing, enabling increased processing speed.
  • Learned resource adaptability, allowing data stream isolation for bolstered network security.

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