A More Secure Enterprise with SOCaaS

Disruptive Solutions had developed a SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) capability to deliver SOC services through us, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). Organizations struggle to implement their SOC. Challenges exist, including identifying and retaining the right skilled resources, meeting the Federal Government’s FEDRAMP standards, integrating systems and tools, and using the most cost-effective technologies. Some agencies understand that building and operating a 24 x 7 SOC is complex and costly and are considering fully managed, or hybrid managed SOCs. To enable this, it is increasingly becoming more challenging to recruit and hire new cybersecurity talent, the increasing complexity of technology, and the cost of dedicated systems and tools.

Benefits of Leveraging Disruptive SOCaaS

  • Access to an Innovation Mindset
  • Access to Technical Talent
  • A Focus on Outcomes
  • Lower Costs

The Disruptive Difference

Many agencies have made significant investments in their existing SOCs. Displacing a current investment is not necessary if the CTCC solution provides complementary services. Our SOCaaS solution presents flexible service offerings to allow customers to outsource SOC management or task-specific SOC functions that maximize its investment.

Our SOCaaS brings a team of experienced security operators, a suite of systems in a cloud infrastructure that is FEDRAMP High and IL4/IL5 certified, and proven SOC processes that set the stage for continuous improvement and exceeding our service level objectives. Services are customizable to enable customers to leverage managed, and hybrid managed capabilities while enabling new systems and tools necessary to implement as Amtrak’s requirements evolve.

SOC capabilities will vary by provider. Our holistic approach combines traditional monitoring, detecting, investigating, and reporting with vulnerability management and compliance. This will ensure that the SOC systems and tools are selected and configured to focus more closely on known vulnerabilities, increase transparency, and more effectively educate SOC leadership and stakeholders about enterprise vulnerabilities and risks. The result is a more secure enterprise across the board.

Featured Resource

Security Operations as a Service (SoCaaS) Whitepaper

An essential tenant to Zero Trust is the ability to monitor and verify enterprise activity. Security operations centers are necessary for an agency’s Zero Trust strategy. Using a managed security provider to obtain SOC services can be a quick win for agencies.

Area’s of Expertise

Our Cyber Security Specialties Include:

Pen testing
Incident response
threat hunting
risk assessment
cyber operations