Cyber Security

Proactively Combat Risks & Vulnerabilities

Our extensive capabilities include not only risk management across tools and technologies, but also the implementation of policies, procedures, and processes to ensure gaps do not exist and potential deficiencies are mitigated appropriately and proactively by the tools and technologies used.

The Disruptive Difference

Our work across the federal, commercial and intelligence communities, enables us to stay abreast of the constantly evolving threat landscape, blending our risk management practices across varied programs and helps to inform our customers across the government ways in which to implement tools, technologies, processes, and policies to enable threat reduction measures.

We help our customers identify, analyze, and manage areas of vulnerability within internal and external networks and systems. Blending our vulnerability assessments with our penetration testing capabilities enables us to prepare our customers to better understand potential network vulnerabilities that may be visible from both outside and inside the network and ensure that appropriate information security controls are implemented within its Networks, Servers, Applications, and Computing platforms to preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of its information and computing resources.

Leveraging our knowledge and understanding of planning, coordinating, and executing these assessments enables our team to support and better inform incident response and cyber infrastructure analysis activities. In addition, it allows us to analyze and consider the effective implementation of security controls to aid in the prevention of unauthorized, accidental, or deliberate disruption of the organization’s information technology resources as new tools, technologies, and processes. In doing so, our team has developed critical technical documentation such as findings and recommendation reports, runbooks, CONOPs, SOPs, policies, and procedures based on assessment activities.

Area’s of Expertise

Our Cyber Security Specialties Include:

Pen testing
Incident response
threat hunting
risk assessment
cyber operations