Anticipating Threats through Proactive Pursuit

At Disruptive Solutions, our goal is to help our clients protect and secure their organization’s infrastructure and assets from impending threats before they cause harm. Our Threat Hunting tactics proactively search for cyber threats or indicators of compromise (IOCs) within an organization’s network or systems following a systematic and continuous approach to identifying potential security incidents or breaches that may have gone undetected by traditional security tools or methods. We involve a combination of human expertise, advanced analytics, and machine learning to detect and investigate suspicious activity within the network.

The Disruptive Difference

Our work with organizations across the commercial and federal landscape, including DoD and the Intelligence Community, enables us to stay abreast of the constantly evolving threat landscape and better equip our teams to maintain a proactive stance when it comes to identifying potential cyber threats. Our threat hunt teams bring specialized knowledge and expertise in security, as well as access to advanced security tools and technologies to help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats. For each engagement, our team works closely with the client and follows our 4 step framework in a way that best fits the challenges they face; specifically we:

4 Step Threat Hunting Framework

  1. Define the Scope: Determine what assets, systems, and data should be monitored.
  2. Develop the Hypotheses: Create a set of hypotheses based on known threat intelligence or suspicious activity, including the most current information available across the broader external threat landscape
  3. Collect and Analyze the Data: Collect relevant data from logs, network traffic, and other sources to validate or refute the hypotheses.
  4. Investigate and Respond: Once a potential threat is identified, conduct a thorough investigation and respond appropriately to mitigate the threat.

Area’s of Expertise

Our Cyber Security Specialties Include:

Pen testing
Incident response
threat hunting
risk assessment
cyber operations